The Challenge
The owner of this restaurant expressed his pain points about his loss of profit and lack of brand awareness. At the time of our conversation, I realized very quickly we were already behind the ball, so I had to act quickly. I decided to develop a a simple promotion created to get increase physical and digital foot traffic at this golf themed restaurant. The additional challenge is that I only had 10 days to put this together and launch.  
The Solution
Since the theme of the restaurant revolved around golf great, Arnold Palmer, (and everything golf related) I decided to continue along with the theme. This birthed, The Green Jacket Club. A system where the restaurants awards its customers for being a part of the club with discounted food and cheaper golf ball bucket prices at the driving range. This promotion gives the owner the freedom to create almost any type of deal at any time that he wants to promote it.
Services Provided: Logo Design, Brand Identity Design, Marketing Strategy, Print Design
Photographer Credit: Unplash & Adobe Stock
Logo Trademark Challenge
The idea behind the original logo was to mimic the Arnold Palmer’s “commercial” logo as the restaurant is themed around the golf great. My initial thought was this could possibly result in copyright infringement if we don't change this. 
Since the deadline was rather tight, I still had one thing to keep in mind: The property management company that manages this property wants the aesthetic to be mature, but also have a personality of its own and that is not so playful so it isn't confused as a "childish looking" establishment. 
Logo Solution
With that being said, I decided that the direction had to be simple and posses the ability to last for a least five plus years. I chose to have "Arnie's" condensed so I can possess future uses such as packaging, outdoor signage, social media content, billboards, etc. (e.g. the owner has his own line of sauce/marinades).

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