The Challenge & Creative Brief
A property management company asked me to develop a website design (homepage only) concept for their yacht club located right off of Lake Erie in Downtown Cleveland. Also, I had less than 72 hours to complete this. The current direction of the website is dated. About 10 years to be exact (at the time I was asked to do this, 2018). The management company expressed to me the direction of their parent company, which, houses an array of different companies within its portfolio. The desired aesthetic for the parent company, and the companies within it, is hi-end and convey a feeling of being "elite" in its respective market sectors.
The Solution & My Thought Process
Aesthetically, every property the company owns should reflect its goals and aspirations. The Olde River Yacht Club is a Member’s Only club, so it should feel exclusive, refined and timeless. Its members should have an experience here that will be unlike anywhere else in the city of Cleveland. The Olde River Yacht Club should be its member’s getaway right in their hometown.
The Color Palette
The Navy Blue is a great choice because it conveys trust and stability. While the color Sandstone, a derivative of Gold, conveys to the  members that we have inner wisdom, we value quality and wealth. It’s also associated with prestige and it suggests that we will provide our members with an exclusive top of the line service.
The Imagery 
The direction for the imagery is to look as if they were snapshot images captured right from a cinematic screen. Showing images of ropes, the facility, using elements of the water and of course, images of yachts.
Photography Credit: Unsplash, Olde River Yacht Club
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