REBOL, Visual Identity Rebrand, 2022                                                                                  

The Problem/Challenge
The year was 2020. The global pandemic shut the world down and many businesses took a massive hit to their bottom line. However, for this particular business, REBOL, they faced even more challenges. The country’s frustration with police brutality sparked riots in cities around the country; Cleveland, Ohio being one of them. REBOL found themselves in a direct war path of the angry that completely destroyed this northeast Ohio location.

The Solution
Due to optimism, the Managing Partners decided this would be a great opportunity to complete renovate the store and the entire REBOL brand.

Art Direction - William D. Alford, Kayla Barnes
Graphic Design - William D. Alford
Photography - Brian Kaiser
Furniture Design - Global Custom Furniture
Mural Design - Glen Infante, Kelle Schwab
Previous branding, foot photography, and property damage due to the riots pictured below.​​​​​​​

New branding & art direction pictured below​​​​​​​
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